NYC Winter Lantern Festival Adopts Projection Mapping

Aaron Abercrombie

Marketing Manager

The NYC Winter Lantern Festival is an annual multi-week, multi-location event. Organized by Kaleido Arts & Entertainment Group, the NYC Winter Lantern Festival is an opportunity to experience a traditional Chinese Lantern Festival.

They’re hosting different themed events in Long Island, Staten Island and Queens.  In Long Island, they’ve organized their first ever drive-thru experience themed “A Bug’s Night.”  In Staten Island, they’re transforming the botanical garden of the Snug Harbor Cultural Center  into an immersive world of light, where you can “Escape” with your friends and family in over 8 acres of Luminescence.  “Illuminate The Farm” is the theme for the Queens location, where they’ll be featuring handmade lanterns in the shape of flowers, tractors, farm animals and more.

This year, ChoiceLIVE had the privilege of providing projection mapping, which is a first for the NYC Winter Lantern Festival.  Led by Michael Zinberg, one of our talented senior project managers, ChoiceLIVE was able to design, map and provide all equipment necessary to meet the projection needs of the event planners. 

In their Long Island location, we’re utilizing the trees a over tunnel, giving the cars passing through the simulation of driving into a vortex.  A variety of 3D visuals are being projected onto a castle in the Staten Island location.  In keeping with the “Illuminate The Farm” theme at the Queens location, we’re projecting visuals onto a barn, as well as cube structures and an actual lantern.

To learn more about the NYC Winter Lantern Festival and to buy tickets, visit: