Jason Cataldi Appointed CEO of ChoiceLIVE

ChoiceLIVE (formerly Upstage Video), a premier provider of AV and production services for live events, is pleased to announce the confirmation of Jason Cataldi as CEO. Cataldi will guide the organization in its mission to provide the finest event experiences for discerning clients and audiences across the many markets that the company serves, including Corporate Conferences, Concert Touring, Broadcast, Experiential, and Sports. 

Cataldi has spent the past five years working as ChoiceLIVE’s Vice President of Business Development. During his tenure, he has led the marketing and communications team, overseen the sales team, and has become a vital voice of the company’s management team. 

Company Founder and President Doug Murray commented, “Since Jason’s arrival five years ago; he has made a significant impact on the direction and shape of the company. He turned our sales department into a streamlined and ultra-focused, results-driven organization. It quickly became apparent that his vision for the company’s future had sharper edges than mine. I couldn’t be more pleased to put him in a position where he can drive our growth responsibly and methodically. We’re aligned in how we serve our clients…with the most talented, organized team of technicians, project managers, and logistics engineers, coupled with the best technology in the market. I’ve been driving for 17 years, and I’m excited to support Jason and the rest of the team in my new role, focusing on marketing and talent acquisition.” 

“They say that many hands make for light lifting. Our team certainly is proof of this. Their dedication and commitment to each other, our community, and our clients are second to none. The desire to go above and beyond is infectious. The Live Events industry has come back in full force, and we are well-positioned to ride the next wave. The pandemic was a difficult time for everyone in our industry, but it’s an exciting time to be in the game. Clients are shopping, long-time competitors are falling by the wayside, and individuals who were historically not considered available, are suddenly looking for new opportunities. I’m looking forward to shepherding the company through its next growth phase” – Jason Cataldi

ChoiceLIVE (formerly Upstage Video) is a premier live event production company whose DNA is rooted in all things video. Since changing their company name, they began offering lighting, audio, staging, web-streaming, and project management in addition to their robust video offerings. Their road cases can be seen at some of the nation’s biggest events, including NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL games, political and corporate events, major concerts and festivals, and countless other events. ChoiceLIVE believes that it is their people and practices that differentiate them from the pack.