Gaëtan Spurgin Joins ChoiceLIVE as Project Manager

We’re excited to announce that Gaëtan Spurgin has joined the ChoiceLIVE team as Project Manager!

Gaëtan brings over 20 years of global experience in concert, marketing, and live events to our team.  As an A1, he’s worked in live sound reinforcement, studio design, recording and management.  While his roots are in audio, he’s no stranger to the visual aspect of production.  From editing videos and operating various media servers, to projection mapping, to designing and deploying various types of displays, he’s spent years working with video technology and has an extensive understanding of how to translate creative ideas to actual displays.

He’s new to the ChoiceLIVE team, but he’s a familiar face.  Back when our main offering was LED and video (has it really been over two years since we’ve changed our name?), Gaëtan worked for Upstage Video.  Since then, he’s worked as a freelance technical artist and for an experiential design firm, which expanded his knowledge base on interactive installations and processes.

“I have worked for years bringing artists’ and brands’ intended experiences to life.  Beyond lights and sound, I incorporate the use of state-of-the-art technology to not only drive experiences but use the data captured to help drive marketing and sales.

Experiences are what inspire and drive me.  Really understanding those experiences and processes, not only for an audience but for the creative, marketing and deployment team.  From concept & design to the end-user experience… It’s more than just the press of a button or the trigger of a sensor… It’s what triggers the senses that inspires me.” -Gaëtan Spurgin

 “We’re looking forward to Gaetan re-joining the company.  He brings a wealth of technical expertise to our team and should be able to hit the ground running with his past company experience.” Chris Zervos – Director of Project Management

When asked why he was interested in working at ChoiceLIVE, Gaëtan said:

 “I am very excited to return to ChoiceLIVE and to be part of one incredible team and company culture and super excited to offer expanded services to our clients.”